Game On with Vanessa Rende

What is Power Visualization and Why Every Leader Needs It

November 17, 2019
Game On with Vanessa Rende
What is Power Visualization and Why Every Leader Needs It
Game On with Vanessa Rende
What is Power Visualization and Why Every Leader Needs It
Nov 17, 2019
Vanessa Rende
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Whether you're new to visualization or have been around the block, you've never done visualization like this.

I spent over a year tweaking my technique to make it a whole-self experiences and the results in my life and the lives of my clients and students speak for themselves.

This is audio blog, I share with you:

- What exactly Power Visualization is and why it's different from normal visualization
- What makes it so powerful and most times, instant
- The modalities that go into making this visualization experience powerful
- And a step-by-step walk through of what a Power Visualization session

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Hey, what's up, you guys? Thank you for tuning into game on with Venice RND I am Vanessa and this is my unique one of a kind audio block experience totally raw and riel, unfiltered and definitely unedited. All right, so thanks again for tuning, and I'm excited to be here today. It's been a while since I've dropped an audio blogged and I cannot contain myself about today's subject. I literally cannot shut up about it. So I really wanted to come here today and talk to you guys about what power visualization is, um, you know, and why you need to start, including it in your daily rituals like today. All right, so just as a little disclaimer, I came up with power visualization through many attempts of trying to master meditation, especially long periods of meditation. And after learning about a lot of different ways to do meditation, you know where you call back to your breath or you focus on a mantra. You focus on this or that, and you know, this isn't about meditation, but I just want to put it out there and say that this is 100% my technique that I've created, which is, Ah, combination of different modalities that I used with my clients that I use on myself on a daily basis. So I wanted to share the key aspects of my power visualization technique with you guys. So you guys can sort of get a feel off why it's or how it's different than regular visualization. And this is good for everybody. Whether you've never visualized before or you're used to doing, you know, the normal type of visualization like I waas. This is literally, you know, it adds power to it. That's why I just came to me one day power visual ization because the combination of modalities and how you really bring your whole self it's a whole person experience that is absolutely just life changing. So I don't know if anybody out there is using the term power visualization. I didn't google it. I didn't search. I really don't care. Um, this technique is my own, and I've been tweaking it for over a year now. I have been able to achieve amazing results by incorporating this into my daily routine. I've shared it with all my clients. I talk about it all the time and my blog's on social media and definitely with my private clients is something that I bring up a lot. All right, so let's dive right into it. So one of the first things I want to talk about is something that I kind of already mentioned. Where this power visualization technique you end up going into a meditative state, right? The way that I have created this, Um, this technique is, and I don't want you to think that that means that you have to be sitting there for 20 minutes because you don't most times when I do my power visualization every day my timer is set for 3 to 6 minutes, like max, six minutes. And that's if I decide that I want to do it twice back to back. And I'll explain why in a little bit. So it's a it's a you get into, like, a trance like state. I'm not going to say you were in a trance. Okay, you're definitely not being hypnotized. You're not hypnotizing yourself if you know how to do it. If you know how to reach that state even better for you, because it just tops into the subconscious even deeper and what you visualize and what you're working on, what you're feeling in that moment where you're in that state just impacts you even deeper. But I don't want you to think that you have to know how to meditate or you have to know how to get into trance. But I do want to tell you that power visualization is very much like meditation. I include a lot of breathing into it and it does take, you know, a few minutes, right? It isn't something that you're just gonna snap your fingers and it's going to be done. And the reason that I stumbled across this technique that I eventually started tweaking and tweaking and tweaking is because I really wanted to meditate. And I was getting so much just from my quote unquote fail it failed attempts at meditating. It was still being very transformative. It was still I was still feeling like I was doing the meditation wrong, but my mind and would literally take me to these visualizations of these movies where I would sometimes cry tears of joy or feel shakes in my body. And it became like this whole body experience where I started out trying to meditate, and I ended up in this full blown alternate reality. In my mind, if you want to call it that fully visualizing you know what I was trying to visualize at that moment, right? And as time went on, I went tweaking that by getting more intentional about what I wanted to visualize, getting more intentional about my breathing and when I did it and how I did it. Andi, it's It's just like a super super easy technique that evolved into these different modalities, and one of them includes meditation. So do you have to meditate before you do power visualization? No, you absolutely do not. But when you start to practice it, you will start to feel like you are sort of meditating. You'll start. Ask yourself, Am I meditating or in my visualizing and the question the answer is you're doing both, all right, and I believe wholeheartedly, that that's part of also what makes it so powerful. All right, The next thing that I do is included in this power. Visualization is its multi sensory right. It's not always possible. Thio have, like a bucket of sand or your favorite perfume or the scent of what your favorite hotel smells like, you know, or your dream beach house or whatever. But there's so many ways that we can sort of trigger our senses while we're doing visualization. And that whole body, whole person sort of experience in that visualization is just absolutely game changing. So during power visualization, I teach my clients and my students to really embody that by using all of their senses right? And if you can add layers to that by having something to touch or feel or smell, or just you know where you can add more than just your mind, right, it increases that even more. And piggy back to that is there's a little bit of NLP involved in my power visualization because I like to use internal representations. Ah, lot of times I have people say, Well, I'm trying to visualize something that I've never had before, and it's hard to sit there and try to feel into it and to feel what it would be like if I don't exactly know what it feels like. And I have all these blocks saying, you know, you've never felt that you're never gonna feel that you really have no idea what that feels like. So how can you feel into a visualization and really embody it and amplify your frequency around that visualization, right? Like raise your hand If you haven't thought that I thought that many, many times when I started, You know, my personal development and just, you know, because it's feeling into something, is about that frequency is about being able to tell the cells in your body like this is what it feels like. So I use a lot of internal representations and NLP and I teach my clients and my students when we're doing power visualization to find things that give them similar feelings. So, for example, if you're trying to visualize having that $1,000,000 well, maybe you've never had somebody give you a $1,000,000 check, right? But maybe you've made $20,000 or you've won $20,000 or you want you know, your highest month was $5000. Whatever the the feeling of that complete just an utter gratitude and accomplishment and excitement right that you felt when you achieve that ledge transfer that into this visualization of you getting that $1,000,000 right? And obviously it's gonna be a lot more excitement and happiness, an accomplishment. But this is how NLP works with internal representations. So I use internal representations and my power visualizations because it is extremely important that you know how to get to that feeling and how to get to it fast. And what's cool about the power visualization is that you don't get stuck in thinking Oh, yeah, that was super happy, but I only made 5000 or I only made 100,000. You know, I want to feel this happy as I'm gonna feel when I make the 1,000,000 or when I make whatever. And I'm just using money as an example, because usually I get tested a lot from non believers or people that are still trying to figure out how all of this works. And they throw the $1,000,000 question at me. And so I like to use it as an example. But please, why you're listening to this, Apply it to whatever makes sense for you. Right? And internal representation is the way that you that you think and feel about something, anything inside of you, right? So when you look at your Children and you see them playing or whatever. You feel a lot of joy. You feel a lot of, you know, happiness. You feel so much love, right? There is a way through NLP and using internal representations that you can take those feelings when you think about certain things or certain people or situations, or when you conjure up old memories. There is a way that you can take those feelings and the way that that that that those images and experiences are labeled inside of you, which which is what internal representation means and transfer them onto your visualization for a new, bigger thing that you're trying to achieve a bigger goal, a bigger vision and, as I have found it, to be extremely helpful to do that, and it totally blows my mind. T do this exercise with people and to do the internal representation part because it's literally like teleporting yourself there, even if you've never felt that happiness, even if what you want feels so big and so out of reach and you don't know exactly how do you even begin to feel gratitude for it yet? Because you don't have it and you've never had it before. Internal representation is a surefire way of of, like, speed tracking you there. And it is so effective and amazing. All right, Another thing that we do during power visualization is we activate both sides of the brain. While we're doing our power visualization technique, we are activating both parts of the brain. Um, and you know, I can't share with you guys the exact method on how to do that during an audio block, because you guys would have to physically see me on video. But I'm sharing with you guys all of these steps, because if you are doing visual ization, you can already start toe. Add all of this toe what you're currently doing, you don't have to call it power visualization. You don't have to do it exactly the way that I do it. But I promise you that if you start incorporating, you know, one or all of them are however many you feel good incorporating into your power visual into your visualization. Excuse me? You're gonna notice a different You're gonna notice that that visualization, the transformation, the clarity, everything is heightened. All right? The whole purpose of my power visualization is to get you faster to clarity, faster to transformation of believes and faster to education. Because power visualization is also and it's a learning process, right? You're not just stuffing down all the feelings and the thoughts and all the negativity that may come up while you're trying to really, really focused on this big vision and big dream. What you're doing is you're noticing them. You're in this heightened self state of self awareness, and it's an and it is one of the most powerful times, two to learn and to really see clearly what those blocks are, what those limits are, what those beliefs are. And I'll tell you, I've had clients say that they literally can never stop power visualizing now because every time that they go for that next level, more things are revealed to them that you know that they may have not even realized so. Then, when they go back to visualizing, they're and they're working through those beliefs and those new blocks that keep coming up right. It's like that famous me more quote or whatever says I don't know who said it exactly. It wasn't me like every next level of you is going to require different every next level. Excuse me, is going to require a different version of you. I think I said it right that time. Right. That's what they're talking about is that you know, once you start to really do visualization in this heightened sense of self awareness and in this state where you're you're so clear on what's coming up for you that is a learning opportunity for youto work on that. Because that is literally your mind showing you what's been stopping you from having it already, right? Because we are, ah, 100% capable and able tohave everything we desire. And the only thing that's stopping us and that's been stopping us is our beliefs. So I love that the power visualization are adding these different modalities. And really amplifying your visualization is a huge learning experience for you. Because when we activate both sides of the brain, for example, in my power visualization technique, we usually pick an affirmation or a mantra. Whatever you wanna call it, that directly calm bats like the biggest fear, the biggest limiting believe. The biggest block that you have for that big vision that you're trying to bring into your life and make reality were also activating both parts of your brain and through a series of just some breathing and repetition. Just for a few minutes you're deleting those blocks. You're removing them, so you're learning what they are. You're seeing them clearly for what they are, and you're also taking that opportunity to delete them, right? And usually I like to do that right after we've done the visualization right after we've been clearly fully in that moment, fully experiencing what that happiness would feel like, what the gratitude would feel like all of our senses into it and activating both sides of our brain immediately afterwards to directly tackle the biggest block that came up during that visualization. And I have my students in my clients do this every single time. Immediately following your visualization, we do a little bit of subconscious reprogramming, right, and I call it a little bit because with the exercises and how we do it, it only takes a couple of minutes. It only takes a couple of minutes, all right, And another big thing. Last but not least, is the frequency and the length again, you guys, Power visualization is the bomb. I invite you guys Tiu really learn it and to experience it. But even if you're not interested in doing it, even if you just amplified your current visualization, your current meditation and you added some of the points one or all of them, preferably that I've shared with you today You're going to see significant, significant results immediately. Immediately. You're going to start changing, right? But one of the things that I want to bring up and one of the things that I struggled with the most when when it came to visualization was the frequency and the length right. Like I wasn't doing it enough for the amount of limiting beliefs and blocks and just constant fear that I had coming up. I wasn't visualizing my big goal and taking myself there in this whole body. Whole person experienced enough to see the changes that I want, and I think that happens with a lot of people where they're like, Yeah, I visualized once a day or yeah, I visualized, like two weeks ago or whatever. Like anything else, consistency is going to be the key for this and also length. Like I mentioned in the beginning for mind specific power visualization. It doesn't really take that long, but the longer that you can sit there and really, really do all of these things right to get into that visualization with your whole self, the more powerful results you are going to get. And I think that's the reason why my power visualization was literally born from me trying to master meditation for long periods of time, where I just eventually started letting myself flow into that. You know, for example, I am recording this on a Sunday in my office, and this morning my power visualization was 14 minutes long, you know, and it was absolutely game changing. I'm like on fire right now. I wish I had three clones of myself because I am just so excited about the work that I do and all the stuff that I want to get accomplished. But it is. It doesn't have to be for any specific amount of time, but I will tell you that the frequency of your visualization is imperative. Thio, you getting results to use seeing results to you, feeling results to you literally, you know, seeing the transformation within you like anything else. It takes consistency, you know, especially if you're doing this and you're adding new modalities and you're trying new things. You can't expect to just do it once and have it work for you, right? You can't expense expect to just try it at once. Now, can you be completely transformed after one power visualization? Yes. You absolutely can be completely transformed after one power visualization because of the fact is that I've seen it. I've done it. I experience it all the time, right? And it's not that I did it. I'm done. Okay? I don't have anything else to do, right? If you're listening to this, odds are is that you are committed to self mastery. You're committed to really understanding the way that your belief systems work and to consistently updating them because you know that your subconscious mind it's his job to make those programs in your mind your reality. And you know that you have 100% full power and access to change those programs anytime you choose to do it. So with that being said, yes, you could visualize an experience immense change and transformation and rewire your subconscious in just one power visualization. But odds are is that if you're just getting into this or if you're just getting into my version of it with the different modalities and where it's kind of like a meditative process, you're gonna need to try this a couple of times until you get the hang of it, right? You're gonna need to try it a couple times And then, like my clients said that I mentioned earlier, it becomes addictive because then you realize, Oh, I have this other block. So now I want to visualize about this goal that I have and then I want to, like, delete that block, right? I want to delete that limiting belief. And then when you do that, when you realize Oh, holy crap, something else came up for me and that directly ties into this other area of my life where I have these huge goals. So now I want a power visualize about that, and I want to delete that limiting belief, right? It becomes a spiral to where you cannot not power visualized because you are being shown so clearly the things that are in the way and you're feeling so vividly what it's like to be there and tohave it that how can you not get excited to know that it's just a matter of a few minutes a few times a day to allow yourself to be that person toe? Have that to do that right to get out of your own damn way. Finally, frequency and length is imperative. I don't tell people that it doesn't work. If you don't do it 100 times a day, it doesn't work if you do it, you know, for a short amount of time a day. I will tell you this. This is how the process works. Usually when we start with power visualization, I like to set the timer for five minutes for somebody that has never done it. That includes everything from front to, you know, from front to back from start to beginning. All right. Usually we start taking some deep breaths before we get into the visualization, Right? If we have any sensory items, we would have had those turned on already. So, like if there's a candle or spray or something, we're holding on to something we want to be feeling on something we want to be wearing a sound that we want to be hearing. You know, some people like to put the waves crashing in the back. Whatever that looks like for you, Write anything it could just doesn't have to be all of your senses. We have that ready, right? And we start with some breathing work. We really, really do that about seven or nine times to really get into that deep flow state where you're kind of like in that meditative state already by the ninth breath, you're pretty much dropped into yourself, and it's easier for you to fight off all the little bits and bits that I leave the iron on. Is the washer still going? Did I leave the stove on and my burning something right? Once we get through that process than what we do is we start to bring up the internal representations, we start to bring up the things that make us feel the way that we want to feel the things that bring us, that excitement, that heart racing, joy, that anticipation, whatever it is that we want to feel in that moment. And obviously I'm not doing the process with you 100%. Like I mentioned earlier, you'd have to be watching me through video. T really see everything. And it goes a little bit deeper than this, this step by step process. But if you were wondering how to do it, this is literally the process. All right, so we bring up those internal representations. Usually we've already done the pre work as to what we're gonna be visualizing. We've already brought up some kind of, you know, list or sort of like, cheat sheet where we can, you know, have some things that we want to refer to as faras. You know, memories, experiences, things that made us feel a certain way that we want to bring those feelings into this visualization to just amplify it right. And then we go into the actual visualization and we make this a whole person. Ah, whole body visualization. Where you have all these prompts that you that you are asking yourself, you know, to really make that visualization as live and as vivid as possible. And one thing I want to tell you guys is you don't have to visualize the same thing every single time. You really don't. All right. And I talk about that a lot when I work with clients consistently about how to keep going, because sometimes they're like, Well, I can only bring up the same little movie in my head so many times before My brain is just like, Okay, I've seen this before, So remember that visualization is 100% up to you. You can make it progressive. You can make it. You know, you can amplify that. You can, you know? What would you be doing the day after? What would you be doing a week after what you know, what are your kids doing? Who were you with? What are you wearing? There's a lot of different ways to target the same goal in the same transformation and clarity and education through power visualisation without necessarily having to do the same exact little movie in your head every single time. As a matter of fact, I teach that the power visualization should be progressive toe where you visualize the same thing a few times until you totally felt it. And it just feels like, duh, this is normal, and then you make it progressive and you move on to adding to that. You know, like, I like the examples that I just gave you, right? So we do that as a whole person, where we have our sense, our senses involved. We have our whole self involved. Where were mentally there were emotionally there were physically they're touching something, smelling something, hearing something right, We wrap that up and then just about two or three minutes left, we bring both of our both of the sides of our brains into it right where we activate them and we start breathing again very intentionally, and we start repeating an affirmation or a belief that we want to create right. And a lot of times it's a belief that we wanna delete, but we don't do it in a negative. We don't do it using any negatives, right? So we don't say I am not a smoker. We say you know something completely the opposite of that. That is, um, empowering and positive, because the subconscious mind does not do negatives. Right? So we do that for a few minutes, we finish that off, we close it up like, just like a computer program. We do some techniques with our bodies that basically tell our subconscious mind that what we just did to it needs to be recorded set in stone, Done right. And then you're pretty much done. That is the power visualization. That is what it looks like from a high level on dhe. Usually what I tell my people is the frequency and the length is always completely up to you. How bad do you want it? Most of us spend our scrolling on social media hours watching Netflix hours, watching television hours, complaining, just doing absolutely bullshit with our time, right. So if you want changes and you want the transformation and you want the clarity and you want that vision that you can conjure up in your mind and you want that to be your reality, then you have to commit to this. You know you have to be. You have to decide and acknowledge the fact that you are running on some old programs, right that today you have not been able to replace, so it's gonna take some love and attention. It's gonna take some consistency, especially if you're trying out a new technique like this where you're gonna want to feel into it the first couple times and really just feel that transformation now, can you? Can you get a complete and utter transformation from one power visualization? Yes, I've had clients do it on their own. And I would say every client that does it with me one on one experiences it right then and there, because it's way different when you're working privately with a mentor or a coach who can, you know, do that for you with, you know, you're just not limited by not having the person there to ask questions to kind of guide you and to take you step by step. But you absolutely can do it on your own. However, I want you to give yourself time and grace. You did not get programmed overnight, and if this is new to you, it's probably not gonna happen overnight, right? It may not. You may have to give yourself a little bit of time, and and here's the kicker. Even if it does, why would you want to stop? Why would you want to stop consistently updating your belief systems? Most of us are dealing with self love issues. Most of us are dealing with confidence issues. Most of us, all of us have fears and limiting believes. All of us have some kind of form of relationship with money that needs to be updated. You either have too much of it or too little of it. Yes, both could be a problem for people I know some of you are like, How could too much money be a problem? It's possible. It's totally possible. Why would you want to stop? Right. So to that, I just want to say that my recommendation, if you're just starting out, is that we do this at least three times a day. Once in the morning, when you wake up once in the dead smack middle of the day to completely just interrupt your pattern, interrupt your work, interrupt your time with with your kids with whatever it is that you're doing, lock yourself in a bathroom in a closet. Whatever it is you need to do for five or 10 minutes, as long as you can give yourself. My recommendation is that you start with at least the five minutes toe work through this whole process that I'm giving you today and then that you go a CZ long as you can, right? And I also recommend that if you want to start seeing really rapid results that you that you start with at least three times a day, can you do it more? Yes, yes, yes, yes. When I was first tweaking this, I had my alarm's set toe every 90 minutes and every 90 minutes. No matter what I was doing, I used the closet and the bathroom example, because I've done it to get away from my kids. I would I would zip out, ignore the world, and I would go and visualize. And I would do this process in the bathroom, in my closet, in my bedroom, in my car to literally get the hang of it. And let me tell you, every 90 minutes is a total disrupter. It was a pain in the ass. I had a lot of resistance, but it completely completely helped me master this process. And I saw so many changes this past year. I really focused on this power visualization technique, and the changes have been immense, and I know that it's I know that it's great impart greatly in part to this power visualization because it includes NLP because it includes activating both parts of the brain because it includes meditation because it includes ah, multi sensory, whole self whole person experience in the visualization. It's like Napoleon, Hill said. If your mind can conceive it and believe it, you can make it a reality. Visualization works because it helps you get there immediately. You put yourself there, over and over and over again. But with my power visualization, you're not just day dreaming and hoping that it comes true. You're incorporating your body into it. You're bringing an internal representations from other things that you already know to be riel and feel a certain way, and you're tying them into this right, and you're also doing it more frequently. You're taking more time to do it on. One of the one of my favorite things about it is you're learning so much about your blocks as you're visualizing your learning and you're saying thes limiting beliefs and you're uncovering fears and things that you maybe didn't even know were there. So it also gives you an opportunity to tackle those beliefs immediately after your your session of visioning that big vision and deleting it right And who wouldn't want that? It's an amazing, amazing process. All right. I want you guys to try this. I would love to hear about it if you tried it. If you checked it out. If you've done it before, you know, find me on Instagram LinkedIn, Facebook. I would love to know how this worked for you. If you're interested in getting all of the juicy details step by step. I'm holding a live virtual workshop on November 22nd 2009. And I'm going to be literally sharing with you guys all of the steps we're gonna be doing live Q and A. We're going to be doing hot seeds. There's going to be, ah, workbook, worksheets and even a daily power visualization intention, um, worksheet where you can do where you can strategize your visualization where you don't have to worry or wonder, What should I visualize today where you can make it into a strategy and repeat it and do it consistently and see amazing things happen? Amazing opportunities and blessings just fall in your lap because you are changing yourself from the inside out and you are tackling those deep rooted fears and beliefs that have been stopping you from having what you want and not only tackling them. You're deleting them, all right, so I urge you guys to check out that event. It's called Visualize like a boss. If you're listening to this sometime in the future after November 22nd 2019 you can still head over to my website, where you can purchase the live recording of the program with all of the modules, the workbook, the cheat sheets, the live Q and A everything it's absolutely accessible and affordable, toe everybody. So make sure you check that out on vanessa randi dot com. And as always, thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you so much for allowing me this time and space to share with you everything in my heart and soul that has just been so game changing for me and so many of my clients. If you love this audio blogged, please subscribe. I'm on all the major platforms and don't forget to share it with your friends and family. And remember, life is a game for break all the rules

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